Customized Advisory Services For The Lower Middle Market

Riverside Advisors is an investment bank focused exclusively on the lower middle market. We provide sell-side advisory services to family owned and entrepreneurially run businesses.


We are investment bankers – not business brokers – committed to meeting the unique needs of middle-market companies and their owners. We do this by delivering highly creative transaction solutions and a level of professional service that delivers consistently superior results. Riverside takes a holistic approach to each deal combining comprehensive financial analysis, strategic identification of value drives,  proactive positioning of the business, identification and mitigation of issues surrounding the business and focused discussions with buyers to provide transaction outcomes that regularly exceed client objectives.

Riverside is uniquely positioned to provide superior transaction execution and, through its affiliation with P&M Corporate Finance, LLC (PMCF), brings industry expertise and a portfolio of resources to every client relationship.

Consistent, hands-on involvement from seasoned advisors

We provide creative counsel and tailored deal execution for every client.  Every transaction receives deep involvement and personal attention from experienced investment bankers.  Our bankers include senior professionals from larger banks – Baird, PMCF and City Capital – bringing the sophistication, execution and commitment common to large transactions to the middle market.

Each senior investment banker brings transaction experience on both the buy-side and sell-side. This ensures that transaction planning considers and incorporates considerations, opportunities and potential issues related to each buyer profile, whether strategic, financial or international.

Our Services

Our Unique Approach

Riverside provides clients with the sophisticated advisory services needed achieve highly successful liquidity outcomes, whether driven by retirement, wealth diversification, shareholder exit, risk reduction, family events or the unexpected inquiry from a strong potential buyer.

Riverside takes a comprehensive approach to advising and executing transactions to optimize the outcome for our clients – every relationship and deal is unique and we understand the importance of being strategic, focused and creative to properly achieve our clients’ objectives.


Riverside Advisors is a member of Corporate Finance International™ (“CFI”) a member-owned global organization of middle market investment banks. This provides on-the-ground coverage in every important global market.  Riverside Managing Director Phil Gilbert was a founder of CFI.  Strong client service values, senior advisor involvement and a proactive, highly strategic approach to transaction execution are consistent attributes of both CFI and Riverside.

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Our Experience

The investment bankers at Riverside Advisors have transaction experience in a wide range of industries including technology, construction, transportation, aerospace & defense, consumer/retail, industrial, logistics and distribution. These professionals have advised on more than 250 transactions with a combined value exceeding $10 billion. The selected logos below are representative of previous clients.

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